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Our website solely provides indicative information, which actually only gives an overview.
Only a personalised opinion is able to adequately address the specific questions of each individual.

The judgments that are transcribed and published, including the mandates entrusted to our Firm, list several authoritative decisions made by the judicial authorities in sensitive areas.
The articles that are published on this website include comments.

The most frequently asked questions
The replies provided on our website to the frequently asked questions are published there solely as a general guide and must not be regarded as a definitive legal opinion.
Each case is unique and must be treated as a unique case that requires a differentiated response.

Contact by e-mail and e-mail form
E-mails are not a secure means of transmitting information! As they are sent over the internet they can be intercepted and the information that is transmitted is likely  to be manipulated.
We thus assume no liability for abuse by third parties.

If you have any questions,  our Firm can of course be contacted by more conventional means (letter, fax, telephone, personal consultation).

Under no circumstances does e-mail contact constitute a mandate with one of our lawyers or with our Firm.

The Web is a knowledge-based information tool which the legal world cannot do without.

Our Firm accesses several websites every day, which we recommend, even if we do not assume any liability whatsoever for the content of these addresses and cannot be interpreted as an association or partnership.


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